Our Week

Reading for the week of  April 15 and April 22, 219
MAPs Testing week of April 22, 2019

Unit 5:

 Lesson 24

High Frequency Word List:  #8 Assessments the week of April 15-17, 2019.

Decodable Books: Monday: None: Tuesday 4-16: Moose’s Tooth; Wednesday 4-17: Moon News;  Tuesday 4-23: Boots Clues; Wednesday 4-24: Red Zed and Blue Stu;
Thursday 4-25 None: Friday 4-26: Hardcover book-A Butterfly Grows

Whistle for Willie is an AR book, so all the kids will take this as an AR quiz on Monday, April 15.

Comprehension: Sequence of Events/ Questions
Phonics: vowel digraph that make the long u sound: oo, eu, ew, use, u, u-e
Vocabulary: multiple meaning words
Fluency: Phrasing: Expression
Grammar: Pronouns and verbs

Lexia recommendation: 10 minutes per day or 60 minutes per week.



Unit 7:  Telling Time, Fractions, Doubles (Halves)

IXL: Recommendation: 10 minutes per day.
New user names and passwords are inside of your child's folder.

P.E.: Getting Ready for our track and field day.

Science and Social Studies: Our Land; Our Resources

Religion: Holy Week and Jesus is Alive