Our Week

Reading for the week of  May 13-17, 2019

High Frequency Word List:  #8 Assessment dates May 20-24

 Unit 6

We are going to skip the story and decodable books for lesson 27 and work on Lesson 28, so that the students can be introduced to the author Arnold Lobel and his Frog and Toad stories.

Decodable Books: Monday: Sally Jane and Beth Ann Tuesday: Ty and Big Gilly Wednesday: Bird Watching Thursday: Benches and Friday: Hardcover book-The Kite.
Comprehension: Story Structure/Infer/Predict
Phonics: long I spelling patterns (igh, y, ie) Endings; (ed, ing, er, est, es)
Vocabulary: Figurative Language (Idioms), homographs
Fluency: Accuracy: Self Correct, Phrasing
Grammar: Adjectives
Writing: Poem, writing opinions

Lexia recommendation: 10 minutes per day or 60 minutes per week.


Unit 8: 2-digit addition, counting money
Unit 9 and 10: Analyze Story Problems and Measuring

IXL: Recommendation: 10 minutes per day.
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Kickball and t-ball; getting ready for our track and field day.
Our Land and Resources
Social Studies:
Land Types
Missionary Paul