Calendar Notes

Calendar Notes for the Week: January 7-11, 2019

For your information:
Show-n-Tell: Everyday this week!!! Bring in things you got for Christmas one each day!

Wednesdays: Library Day return your books so new books can be checked out! Everyone will start reading books to take AR tests on starting this Wednesday if you have not already started.

Friday, January 11: Family Groups

Thursday, January 17: Bell Museum tour time 10:30-11:40; lunch @11:40-12:15; return trip to school @ 12:15

Friday, January 18: Midterm for term 2; reports go home Thursday, January 24.

January 27-Feb. 2: National Lutheran Schools Week
Sunday, January 27: K-8 sing in church; you may choose to attend the 8:00 or 10:30 service, meet 15 minutes prior to the service in the music room to warm up.
Monday, January 28: K-8 Field Trip to Concordia Academy to do fun activities with other Lutheran Schools in our area.
Each day during the week will be fun dress up days. More information to come.
Field Trips:
Monday, Dec. 17: We will be going to see a play in Bloomington: Little Red Riding Hood
Thursday, January 17: Bell Museum tour time 10:30-11:40; lunch @11:40-12:15; return trip to school @ 12:15
Monday, January 28, 2019: All school field trip to Concordia Academy for National Lutheran Schools Week
Friday, April 5, 2019: K & 1 Field Trip to Kelly Farm in Elk River
Friday, May 17: Track and Field Day with many other Lutheran and Christian schools at Twin Lakes Park in Elk River.
Remember to work on your Science Fair projects. The projects are due Monday February 4. The Science Fair is on Thursday, February 7. Remember to take pictures and or videos as your child works through the project! Your child needs to record his or her thoughts about the project and provide a QR code which gives the link to your pictures with audio or video/audio so all can hear your child discussing the project. Make your QR code from this website:

Here is Reese Haag’s project from when she was in first grade to give you an idea of how this works for first grade. She used YouTube. Note parent coaching is totally fine!

Here is another project using the website Little Bird Tales from Eleanor Rolf. On Little Bird Tales you can upload photos, type in information, and record your voice in individual slides. I will be showing the first-grade students how to use this site next week!

You can also use google slides to upload pictures and then use a separate app to record your voice.

It’s great when you can show your project in action! Three years ago, one of the middle school students made his own hover board and part of his video presentation was showing how he was able to ride the hover board right here in our own parking lot!

God’s Blessings,

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